Gift for Dad

The Best Gift for Dad

Ever thought of who hasn’t got the sheer appreciation of what they have been in our lives? Yep, it would be our dad’s. From Mom’s Day to Women’s Day to many more, we acknowledge what our moms have done to us. But that ruddy, rugged, grizzled moustache that turned pompous white has long been forgotten. That robust figure, though with little show of emotions, has stood at our sides and watched all along, how we had caught up on growing so fast. And you don’t want to miss out surprising him on his birthday. Here are some of the things you can try out for your daddy cool.

Men’s Runner shoes

Men's Runner shoes

If he’s a lazy sloth, put him on the charge with these turbo runners. A couple of brisk walking with these turbos can add up a few more years to his tenure.

Wireless Portable charger

He would be that busy person running the family and keeping connected with people.

You don’t want to limit his networking with drained batteries. If he’s that mouthy type, then you would give him this extra sauce.


If he’s the sassy guy, who says it’s outdated to wear a clock watch, surprise him. It’s an all in one combo- tracking your heart rate, exercise, food, weight and sleep, way more than a time-catcher.

Best Dad Ever cup

If he’s been long neglected, as you could never show your love to your dad for some reason, then he’s the right person you want to speak out too. Buy him the cup, and each sip of coffee would remind him how much you love him.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

If he’s the acoustic type, having his customised playlist, or having his soundtrack for all occasions would allow him to have the speaker. This can make all your occasions special, from official to casual meetups. Beach, pool, fishing site, you name the place, and the speaker does the job.

Men’s travel kit

If your dad is that run-around-the-world kind of guy; he would need to have a taut travel kit to keep his accessories. You can offer him the leisure of travel while the bag does the organising.

Sparkling sunglasses

If you want your dad to look cool in his outfit and go outdoors, you better not miss out on these slim, wrap-around, dark, adgonal UV-protected sunglasses. Its scratch-free lens would add up to the charm.

Sleek reversible belt

Sleek Reversible Belt

Is it time to replace his old, rugged belt that’s already falling apart? Then try out a black and brown leather belt. The fact that its reversible makes it fitting for all outfits.

Slender leather wallet

Being the primary money-maker of the house, keeping it safe and secure is of topmost priority. Fine quality wallets offer the same. These branded wallets contain multiple card slots, zipped spaces, and inner pockets.


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